CNC plastic processing

Publish Time : 2023-03-15

Plastic parts machining and manufacturing services

During the new product development process, CNC plastic processing can be used when you need plastic hand board model verification instead of 3D printed materials. Using this hand board processing technology, we can not only produce conceptual models of plastic parts and precise functional components, but also provide complete solutions for the production and manufacturing needs of small batch machining.

We can use more than 30 different materials to manufacture high-quality CNC plastic processing parts, and use processes such as 5-axis CNC machining methods to create high-performance precision machining of engineering plastics. Our accumulated experience in plastic processing enables us to customize your plastic components according to your application requirements.


Advantages of CNC processing of plastic parts

More accurate

CNC plastic processing can provide precision processing capabilities that are not available in injection molding or 3D printing. Machined plastic parts also lack the layering lines of 3D printers and injection molding parting lines, which improve the appearance of the final part.

No mold required

CNC hand processing or small batch production allows designers to manufacture parts without plastic molds. You only need a designed CAD file.

Flexible design

Parts can be directly processed from plastic sheets or bars, making it easy for the engineering team to modify the design during the production phase without the need to manufacture any new tools. Upgrading parts involves almost no cost.

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