What is DNC communication?

Publish Time : 2023-05-22

The methods of program transmission can be divided into CNC and DNC. CNC refers to the storage of programs transmitted to the machine tool's memory through media media (such as floppy disks, tape readers, communication lines, etc.), and the retrieval of programs from the memory for processing. 刀具-3.jpg

Due to the size limitation of the memory capacity, DNC can be used for processing when the program is large. Due to DNC processing, the machine tool directly reads the program from the control computer (i.e., while feeding and doing), it is not limited by the size of the memory capacity.

1. There are three main factors for cutting parameters: cutting depth, spindle speed, and feed speed. The overall principle for selecting cutting parameters is: less cutting, fast feed (i.e., less cutting depth, fast feed speed)

2. According to material classification, cutting tools are generally divided into ordinary hard white steel cutting tools (made of high-speed steel), coated cutting tools (such as titanium plating), and alloy cutting tools (such as tungsten steel, boron nitride cutting tools, etc.).

If you want to transfer from a CNC machining operator to a programmer, the above are necessary things to know. Besides the above, what else do you think you also need to know? Improving efficiency is also important, and avoiding collisions and empty blades is also important.

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